Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Google Introduced Google Buzz

Google introduced Google Buzz today. A product built into Gmail with could be used to share what you are doing, what you are reading, and pictures and videos. You can read others shares in Gmail, reply and share is very easy. Google Buzz can work with Google Read, Picasa and YouTube. You can also link your Facebook, twitter and flickr accounts with Google Buzz, you can even reply via e-mail to Facebook and other accounts. My Gmail hasn't got Google Buzz yet, but the video looks very cool.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Finished my first Mass Effect 2 Playthough with No One Left Behind

After one week I finished my first time use a solider, and with no one left behind. O.K. I know this is not hard, but it's also not easy, there are certain points you have to pay attention to or no matter how high you level is there will be blood.
First let me say I don't like how Bioware handle the locations of quests and the plants scan.
In this game the quests is much better than Mass Effect, each quest is interesting. Especially the loyalty quests for each team member. The bad thing is that you can't go back to those quest locations once you finish the quest. And during the quest sometimes (lots of them) you can't even go back because the door just locked behind you.
Plant scan is a good idea to replace the old car used on plant, but after you scan some plants you will find it's boring and take more time than drive a car on plants and you finger is really hurt. I hope Bioware can find some thing else to replace it in Mass Effect 3.
I think every thing else is good, some of them is perfect (of course just personal opinion). I enjoyed the journey to find each one of the team member and finish their quests. I enjoyed the dialogs with each other. And I like each character. I have to thank Bioware for bring this game to us.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Mass Effect 2 After More than 2 Hours

Well I have talked about Mass Effect 2 a lot. And yesterday I finally got my hands on it. I have played that for less than three hours last night and I love it!
For players that have played Mass Effect this game is very important. We put lots of times and emotions in the first one. We know the world, we discovered is secret of Reapers, we loved, we saved the world. It feels like those people in Mass Effect really lived. I just played Mass Effect two more times just to get warm up for the second one.
The beginning of the game is fantastic, how many of us were shocked when we knew Shepard will be dead? Now we know Normandy was attacked, but to see it in the game is different. I feel sad when I saw he really floating in the space and die. But don't worry, he (or she) will come back to life after two and twelve days. When he awakes the lab is under attack, you have you fight you way out. For a player that have played the first one will find the key binding is different, but you will get to use it (or just change it XD). Aiming is harder than the first one because Bioware want the game to be more like a shooter game. And now we not have the annoying overheat, we have magazine. And the graphics is way better than the first (and the first one is already very good). Then you will meet two new crews: Jacob and Miranda. I have to say Miranda looks better in the game than in the video. She is beautiful and attractive. After meet the Illusive Man you will meet a friendly face: Joker, and the new Normandy SR-2. There are tears in my eyes at that moment.
You can see how much effort Bioware put in this game. They changed everything which is not good in Mass Effect: the elevator, the car, the classes. The skills is less but useful and the classes are more diversity this time. The crews on Normandy is interesting. The Normandy is more real than the first one. I like the feeling and style of Omega. And it is good to meet some old friend in the first one like Tali, Garrus and even someone from side quest, like let player think this two game is really one world, the story continues. I haven't meet the new enemy collectors. But I have meet some new merc robots, can I say I like them? They are very stylish. Looks like something Apple designed. I haven't got used to the new combat system (I don't like shooter game very much). But still I think this is a wonderful game and worth playing.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mass Effect 2 Unboxing

I used my mobile to take these photos, so... please ignore the resolution XD
The review will come later.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Apple's iPad is a Disappointment

Too bad Kindle DX is not available in New Zealand. I really want one. Apple announced it's iPad on 27th. I feel a bit disappointment about it. Yeah, it has 9.7 inch display, have so many iPhone apps to use, has iBook, has iWork. According to Apple the iPad is perfect XD. But it did not support multitasks (yet). It does not have a USB port. It may not (or may be, I'm not sure) be able to use as a netbook. The price seems to be reasonable compare with Amazon's Kindle. Well, I guess I have to wait until it hits the market to see if it is successful or not. But I don't like this one.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sherlock Holmes

I watched this movie yesterday. Tell you the truth, I am a bit disappointed. This is a interesting film, but not a good Holmes film. O.K. I know in the novels Holmes is a good boxer and Watson is a good shooter. But it's rare to see them go into action and beat down their enemies. They use their brains more. Well, in this film they still use their brains, but more to see how to beat their enemy. This film is more like a combination of 007 and steam punk film. It is not Sherlock Holmes but it is fun to watch.
The actors and actresses in this film is good. Of course they are good. They are Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law and Rachel McAdam. The interaction between them is quite interesting to watch. Lots of jokes to laugh. And lots of actions, bloods and some so called science. Yeah, in a Holmes film everything has to be explained use logic and science.
After all, this is a worth watch film, just ignore the title Sherlock Holmes.

Starting Try to Learn Russian and Japanese

In fact I want to learn German and French, but the books about these two languages were all lend out. I guess this means how popular German and French are. I have learned German for a while long ago. Sadly I can't remember anything now T T. So I chose Russian and Japanese. Japanese is because I am a big fan of ACG. Russian...I guess just curious about that nation. I can only borrow these two books for two weeks, see how much I can pick up XD.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Another Two Mass Effect 2 Video, Subject Zero and Solider

I have pre-ordered the Mass Effect 2 Collective Edition and I started to re-play Mass Effect again to get ready for Mass Effect 2.
Well, I am not a fan of solider class, and humans in Mass Effect 2 game, but Subject Zero and solider seems really powerful. Subject Zero shows some great violence and biotic. And solider is really about gun, gun and gun. I bet this class is suit for some one like first person shooter game.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Two New Mass Effect Video, Miranda and Vanguard

Bioware posted two new videos about Mass Effect 2. One is about the new team member Miranda, the other is about one of six classes, Vanguard.

Well, Miranda is not as good looking has she in Mass Effect Galaxy, maybe it is not fair to compare a 3D character with a comic character, and I'm not saying the real person model is not pretty, just when you turn a real person into a 3D game character you need to be very careful, for Aliens the job is easy because no one knows what a real alien looks, but for human, just a little unnatural, the character become ugly, in this case it is not a little unnatural = =b And the personality seems to be changed too, Miranda become more aggressive and tough. In mass effect 2 she will be a powerful biotic and also a tech specialist, could be useful, but I still don't like her.

Vanguard is good at close combat, and in order to get close to enemies he has biotic charge ability, according to the video this ability is very convenient. You can charge through any thing and knock back your enemies. You can use it in offense or defense. The classes in Mass Effect 2 sure are interesting.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

How hard to translate a simple sentence?

Well, today I need to get my none criminal record translated into English by "official recognized" department. Some how they forget to translate the "no" in "no criminal record to be found", so I need to ask them translate again and wait for 40 minutes = =b